Savannah Georgia - Old Vs New

Author: Murray Edwards

Founded in 1733 and known as one of the oldest cities in the United States, Savannah Georgia attempts to bring together the old and new.

A renovation explosion is taking over, while beautiful Spanish moss filled Oaks line the city streets, motel and hotel chains have begun to take over the historic buildings along Bay Street.

Adjacent to the many squares that were strategically placed throughout Savannah by its founders, coffee shops serve up the daily blend or a sandwich shop piles ham and cheese onto a hoagie roll.

An afternoon stroll down on River Street finds street vendors trying to sell flowers shaped from leaves or artists playing trumpets, guitars, or pounding on bongo’s.

A college dorm stands beside a centuries old church.

What’s my point? Where does history end and modern day begin? In a city that’s famous for it’s amazing history - homes, churches, cemeteries it’s starting to blur.

Do not get me wrong, I understand that modernization is a necessary evil but Savannah is beginning to lose what has made it a famous tourist destination - That old historic charm!

By all means visit Savannah - it’s a wonderful place, but take a few suggestions from someone who enjoys the past and hopes that somehow we don’t lose these beautiful historic cities.

Instead of riding through the historic district in a motorized, speaker blaring tourist filled cruiser, put on a comfortable pair of walking shoes, grab a map and take a leisurely walk throughout the district. Take a seat on a park bench at one of the shaded squares, close your eyes and relax for a few minutes.

Take lodging at one of the locally owned bed and breakfasts, the rooms may be a little smaller than you are accustomed, but the atmosphere will take you back in time, to the days where wooden floors creaked when you walked or sipping a glass of wine late in the afternoon in a comfortable chair and discussing the daily events with friends and associates were commonplace.

As for food - there’s no shortage of restaurants, but for goodness sakes stay away from the chains that are now cropping up on nearly every street corner. Head down to the Marketplace or River Street area and you’ll find several neighborhood restaurants serving up the local favorites.

If you’re traveling down to Savannah during the summer months, be sure to bring plenty of light clothing, the heat and humidity can be quite oppressive. Have fun, enjoy the the ambiance and take the time to find those special areas that make Savannah so special.

About the Author:

A freelance photojournalist for nearly 20 years traveling, writing about and photographing the Southern United States.

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1br - Historic District Home, Savannah Georgia!

1br - Historic District Home, Savannah Georgia!

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